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Call for a postdoctoral researcher in the area of Robotic manipulation of deformable objects

We are seeking a postdoc to join the AUtomation, RObotics and Artificial Vision (AUROVA) group of the Computer Science Research Institute (IUII) of the University of Alicante, Spain. At AUROVA, we work on intelligent robotic systems, focused on grasping and manipulation, tactile perception, visual recognition and control for robots in real-world environments.

The postdoctoral researcher will have an active role to carry out research within the European project named CoMMandia (Collaborative Robotic Mobile Manipulation of Deformable Objects in Industrial Applications) supported by the Interreg Sudoe Programme, which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The postdoctoral researcher will work in collaboration with other European universities.

The postdoctoral researcher will work developing new techniques of robotic perception (visual and tactile/force) and applying others from the state of the art to perform grasping and robotic manipulation of deformable objects. The goal is to use multi-modal data in order to control robotic manipulation tasks for dynamically handling deformable objects.

The postdoctoral position is funded by the CoMMandia project and it has a fixed duration of 18 months (expandable 6 months, up to 24 months).

We are looking for a highly motivated and outstanding candidate with the following requirements:


  • PhD/DPhil (or near completion) in robotics, computer science, engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, control, or closely related field.
  • Excellent academic track record in topics relevant to computer vision; tactile perception, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robot control or related areas.
  • Good programming skills (preferably experience using C/C++ and Python).
  • Good communication skills in English language (Spanish is also valuable but it is not essential).


  • Experience with RGBD cameras working in dynamic environments (Real Sense, Kinetic, etc.).
  • Programming skills on ROS (Robot Operating System).
  • Experience with real robots (preferably industrial manipulators with grippers or multi-fingered hands).
  • A good understanding of control aspects and its application in MATLAB.
  • Knowledge of computer vision and machine learning libraries for programming (OpenCV, PCL, TensorFlow or others).
  • Publications record showing evidence of strong expertise in one or more of the following fields: computer vision, robotic perception, robotic manipulation and robot control, or relevant industrial experience.

During the Post-Doc position, the researcher will be mainly involved in:

  • Analysing the behaviour of objects and surfaces and its interaction with gripper and hand robots to detect and track deformations.
  • Developing multi-modal control strategies and algorithms to carry out the robotic manipulation of deformable objects

Type of contract and salary conditions:

  • Start Date and workplace: The contract is expected to start in March or April 2019. The activities will be developed at University of Alicante (Alicante, Spain) and/or other necessary locations to their execution.
  • The post-doc researcher position has a duration of 18 months (further extension may be possible up to 24months).
  • Monthly remuneration: Gross annual Remuneration is approximately 28.000€/year, in accordance with the position of Post-doc researcher, approved by Order CG 29/05/2013.
  • The contract includes health care services from Spanish national health service.

Application process:

To apply, please send your CV, cover letter and at least one reference to CLOAKING and CLOAKING . It is important to include in the email:

  1. Detailed CV in English or Spanish.
  2. PhD Certificate.
  3. A list of research publications in journals, conference, chapters, etc.
  4. A motivation letter in English or Spanish. It is recommendable one or two contact references.

Deadline for applications is: 8 January 2019.