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Session I:  ROS Architecture. Basic concepts: nodes, topics and services.

(9:00-9:45, July 23, 2014)

Dr. Juan Antonio Corrales (Marie Curie University, France)



In this talk, I will present the audience the Robot Operating System (ROS) framework in a general and introductory way. First of all, I will describe what ROS is, its importance for current academic research in robotics and industry and several of its applications. Afterwards, I will introduce the main concepts (nodes, services, topics, packages, messages, bags, actionlibs, etc.) which constitute the basis of the ROS system and how to use them. All these concepts will be very useful for following the next sessions of the workshop.

Speaker short bio

Juan Antonio Corrales Ramon, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral researcher at the "Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique" (ISIR) at the Marie Curie University (Paris 6). His research interests include sensor fusion, human-robot interaction and dexterous manipulation. He works now in a research project about collaborative dexterous manipulation funded by the program VALi+d of the Valencian Regional Government in Spain. He received his Computer Engineering Master Degree in 2005 and his PhD on Robotics and Automation in 2011 from the University of Alicante (Spain). We worked in several national research projects about robotics in Alicante and his thesis received the second prize as "Best Spanish Thesis in Robotics" by CEA (Spanish Committee of Automatics). In September 2011 he began his postdoctoral research at the ISIR in the European Project FP7 HANDLE and began to use the ROS system for implementing a dexterous manipulation planner with the Shadow robotic hand. He also participated actively in the integration of the whole software platform of the HANDLE projet completely based on ROS. His research has been published in several international conferences (such as HRI 2008, ICRA 2013) and JCR international journals (such as Robotics and Autonomous Systems, robotics and computer-integrated manufacturing).

Relevant references

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