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  1. Type: Virtual lab
    Language: English
    Author: Triangle Research International
    Description: Although "i-TRiLOGI" is a comercial software for programming PLCs from TRiLOGI company, there is a free educational version of it for teachers and students. This software allows user to design a ladder program using many functions, and simulate it without needing the real PLC, throught a easy interface. Thus, it is suitable for beginners in PLC programming.
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  2. Type: Virtual lab
    Language: English-Spanish
    Author: University of Alicante
    Description: KivaNS (Kiva Network Simulator) is a free and open source Java based application which allows user to design data network schemes and to simulate the IP routing through these networks. In contrast with the majority of available free simulation applications, which are designed to evaluate throughput of the specifics protocols, the main aims of KivaNS are simulate how IP works, and, specially, study the different techniques to route the data packets through different network technologies.
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