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  1. Type: Remote lab
    Language: English
    Author: Jim Henry, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
    Description: Server that allows access to a large number of remote control systems, both on control systems and on process dynamics. It includes experiments in control systems, chemical engineering, process dynamics, and mechanical engineering. The laboratory is online since 1995.
    Added by Administrator (2015-03-08)
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  2. Type: Virtual Lab
    Language: ENglish
    Author: Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)
    Description: This portal offers a big collection of virtual labs about various disciplines of Science and Engineering, among which are included Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Within these categories, there are laboratories on Industrial Automation, PLCs, Sensors Modeling & Simulation, Electrical Machines, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Artificial intelligence, Mobile Robotics, etc. In addition to Labs, also documentation to support the experiments is available, including manuals, procedures, videos, or questions. This project is supported by the Indian Government, and multiple Indian Institutes of Technology.
    Added by Administrator (2016-03-31)
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  3. Type: Virtual Lab., Software tool
    Language: English
    Author: Research Group in Robotics, Ai2, UPV
    Description: VirtualRobot is a freeware software suite for graphical simulation of robotic cells based on OpenGL under Microsoft Windows operating systems, useful for robotics application, research and education. It allows programming, monitoring and simulating multi-robot cells on the control system GENERIS (Generalised Software Control System for Industrial Robots).
    Added by Administrator (2015-03-26)
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  4. Type: Virtual Lab
    Language: Spanish
    Author: AUROVA Group
    Description: VISUAL is a program for graphical specification and simulation of computer vision algorithms. It has large amount of image processing operations, and also allows you to add new operations. VISUAL is a suitable tool for learning image processing techniques thanks to its easy implementation and use.
    Added by TC 9.4 (2016-03-26)
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